Targeted Micropollutant Analysis,

  • Detection of 870 micropollutants in fresh water and 550 in salt water.

  • Quantification by dosed additions taking into account the matrix effect.

  • Results can be provided under accreditation by Firalis SA for certain compounds (accreditation number 1-6635, scope available on COFRAC.fr).

  • Semi-quantitative analyses with a detection threshold of the order of ng/L.

  • Analyses carried out on 50 mL of water only.

Lodiag uses an internal database unique in the world to formally identify more than 850 micropollutants in a single injection. This database groups together the micropollutants most commonly found in water and those that are the subject of particular attention because of the tonnages produced and/or their toxicity.

Thanks to our customer projects and our R&D projects, this database is continuously enriched to allow you to analyze more and more micropollutants of interest.